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Gang violence in El Salvador under threat of contagion


Gang violence in El Salvador under threat of contagion  El Salvador has been grappling with gang violence and mafia for decades. On the other hand, the country’s safe prison capacity is 18,051, but the penitentiary system currently holds more than 38,000 inmates.

Extreme heat, unsanitary conditions, infectious diseases, more prominently tuberculosis, and lack of healthcare facilities had claimed several lives of many inmates, even before the pandemic struck the world with its vicious claws.

Dozens of prisoners are crammed into the tiny cells wherein social distancing is impossible. Inadequate medical facilities and crowded infirmaries are familiar sights. However, officials fear that even a single case of Covid-19 in an El Salvador penitentiary would be preposterous since the virus will spread like wildfire.

President Nayib Bukele, who assumed office in June 2019, introduced a zero-tolerance policy against gang violence and its atrocities, including inside the country’s prison.

In El Salvador, inmates are not allowed basic social amenities like visitations or phone calls. They are confined to their cells 24/7. Some pictures depict jailed gang members during a search operation in the highest security prison in Izalco, Sonsonate.

The pictures demonstrate inmates crammed in cages and lined up for inspections violating all norms of social distancing. Although everybody wore a mask, the sight was disturbing since all the remaining health codes were infringed.

However, some allegations state that the inspection was initiated as President Bukele was accused of supposedly granting favours to the imprisoned leaders of some prominent gangs in return of support in elections.

The granting of favours to jailed gang leaders arose from the inevitability that government officers would require their assistance to sway the election results in their support.

The favours ranged from better food to reversal of decisions to house the gang members of the same clan into one cell.


WhatsApp turns out to call shortcut, doodles, and different features for Android beta clients


WhatsApp turns out to call shortcut, doodles, and different features for Android beta clients  WhatsApp has been dealing with a lot of new highlights recently. As an aspect of the improvement cycle, the message application has revealed a portion of the highlights with the most recent Android beta update. WhatsApp has presented the call shortcuts, list shortcuts and doodles. The highlights are now being worked on and have not been turned out for a more extensive crowd.


According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is testing a few highlights, including the catalogue shortcut, call shortcut, and WhatsApp doodles. The catalogue shortcut would be added to business talks when the business account has built up a list of their items or their services. Another component that WhatsApp is trying is the call shortcut.


Note that the highlights that are referenced above are as yet a work in progress, and WhatsApp has not made any official declaration about the equivalent.


WhatsApp is additionally taking a shot at adding doodles to backdrops. The Facebook-owned messaging application will choose clients whether they need a natural setting or need WhatsApp doodles on the backgrounds. If the choice is empowered, the clients will get the strong talk wallopers with doodles on it. However, users can likewise decide to have a plain backdrop. These highlights are being tried for Android, and there is no affirmation whether WhatsApp wants to make these highlights accessible for iOS clients or not.


Aside from these, WhatsApp is additionally chipping away at a few different highlights, including the vacay mode, auto-archive chats. The vacation mode includes that WhatsApp is by all accounts taking a shot at for longer than a year at this point will permit clients to quiet notices from documented talks. Notwithstanding, in the most recent update, it was discovered that WhatsApp would give two choices to clients to manage their archived chats. The Notify New Messages and Auto Hide latent chats choice. Whenever updated, the top option will tell the clients about the archived chats yet on the off chance that the subsequent choice is assigned, WhatsApp will hide chats that have been latent for a half year.

IPL 2020: The opening match between Chennai super kings and Mumbai Indians


IPL 2020: The opening match between Chennai super kings and Mumbai Indians  As per the reports, Chennai super kings and Mumbai Indians were scheduled to meet in IPL 2020 as the opening match between them. The fixtures have rescheduled the tournament because of the COVID-19 delay. Now, September 19 is likely the start of the IPL 13th tournament.


  • IPL 2020 tournament is likely to start with Chennai super kings and Mumbai Indians.
  • IPL 2020 fixtures are set to release the tournament by Saturday 5 September 2020 with BCCI
  • IPL 2020 will be played between September 19 to November 10 in three cities in UAE- DUBAI, ABU-DHABI, and SHARJAH.


Indian premier league IPL 2020 all set launch a bumper opening with Chennai super kings and Mumbai Indians. Before the postponed of IPL 2020 due pandemic reason. The two champions will face-off each other as the opening league.


BCCI the board control of cricket in India is confident to start the tournament featuring two cool captains MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma. The much-awaited edition IPL 13 series will be announced on September 5 by BCCI in UAE.


Chennai super kings will likely resume their training by Friday and Mumbai Indians are practicing on their field. Both teams are 3-time IPL tournament champions. It will be interesting to watch the two champions of the league as openers of the tournament.


This time Chennai super kings dealt the major blow as their vice-captain Suresh Rains will pull out 13TH edition IPL series. Due to some personal reasons, Suresh Raina has quit the entire season of IPL 13.


MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma face-off in the tournament as the opener of the IPL season will be a watchable match. The IPL 13 season will be announced by BCCI on 5 September and matches will begin on 19th September in UAE.









Bihar: TejPratapYadav, who started rowing in Saran’s district Saran


Bihar: TejPratapYadav, who started rowing in Saran’s district Saran TejPratapYadav, the son of Lalu Prasad Yadav, supremoRashtriyaJanata Dal, visited the flood-affected areas of Saran’s district Saran. There, through his famous ‘LaluRasoi’ at BhiniTola in Sonepur, he fed food to the flood-affected people. After this, put a chair on a broken boat (Boat) and rode on it and went out to meet the people surrounded by floods. On the boat, he also held the rudder himself. Before this, TejPratapYadav has ridden a rickshaw and has fallen while riding a bicycle. He has also been seen on horse and sometimes on bike. TejPratap has also been seen working from Jalebi filtering to Raj Mistri. Now his boat is also under discussion.

Be aware that TejPratapYadav is providing food to the Flood Victims through his campaign named ‘LaluRasai’. In this connection, he arrived at Bhini village of Sonpur. During this, he said that Lalu Kitchen will provide food to the people even further. He attacked the Chief Minister of the state, Nitish Kumar, saying that the double-engineered Kushasani government is busy in the elections and the public is plagued by CoronaVirus Pandemic as well as Flood.

Distribution of Raw Ration in Flood Affected Areas

TejPratapYadav distributed the packets of raw rations by boat through LaluRasoi in flood-hit areas of Sonpur in Saran district. During this time, people enjoyed sitting on a boat with a chair and never rowing. TejPratapYadav is married to AishwaryaRai, daughter of ChandrikaRai, MLA from Parsa in Saran district. However, this marriage could not last even six months. TejPratapYadav is fighting a divorce case.

TejPratap stays in the discussion about his style

TejPratapYadav has been in the limelight for his style. He is sometimes seen playing the flute as Krishna-Kanhaiya and sometimes takes the form of Lord Bholenath. Sometimes riding a bicycle, sometimes they are seen on a rickshaw. He is also seen riding and riding bikes in Patna. He has been seen doing work from filtering Jalebi to adding brick to the house. His acting in films has also been in discussion. Rowing the boat is also included in this episode.


WhatsApp turns out to call shortcut, doodles, and different features for...

WhatsApp turns out to call shortcut, doodles, and different features for Android beta clients  WhatsApp has been dealing with a lot of new highlights...


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